Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have been preparing to leave for so long, it seems really surreal. I've made a list of things I want to accomplish while I'm in Amsterdam. Some are silly, some I'm really excited about, and others I'm not so excited about. It'll be interesting to see how many I actually check off.

1. Make a friend from another country.
2. Buy a bike.
3. Hang out with a local.
4. Go to a eurodance club.
5. Do something I initially said "no" to.
6. Write a love letter.
7. Ride on a moped/motorcycle.
8. Wear an outfit I'd never wear in the USA (hello wooden clogs!)
9. Take a trip alone.
10. Take at least one picture every day.
11. Learn and memorize at least 25 Dutch words.
12. Do something that terrifies me a little, not including some things on this list.
13. See the Tulips.
14. Drink beer in Belgium.
15. Bake a Dutch dessert.
16. Get coffee at this cute little coffee shop I visited in 2008.
17. Eat at Wagamama.
18. Eat at Burgermeester.
19. Try a new cheese.
20. Take a tour of the Heineken factory.
21. Drink absinthe - cautiously of course.
22. See a futbol game.
23. Visit the Moses bridge.
24. See those weird boxy houses in Rotterdam.
25. Take my picture on this spiral staircase.
26. Ride a boat in the canal. A tour boat doesn't count.
27. Discover a Dutch band I like.
28. Have 100% attendance in class. (This will be hard for me.)
29. Discover a new hobby.
30. Figure out public transit.
31. Visit Switzerland again.
32. Ride on the Autobahn.
33. Buy something unique and vintage.
34. Go to a spa in Amsterdam.
35. Go to church.
36. Ride on a train, preferably an overnight train.
37. Visit my friends studying in Spain.
38. Drink more tea.

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