Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cultural Similarities

As I assumed, there are many cultural differences between the Netherlands and the United States. Everything here is much cuter and has so much history. The differences can be challenging to overcome at times, like when I have to pay to use the restroom or when I'm completely overwhelmed by all of the Dutch words at the grocery store. However, I have noticed similarities and I always take a minute to appreciate those little moments. I've been developing a mental list of my favorites and figured I'd share them with you.

- laughter
- parents yelling at their children, no matter the language
- being annoyed by pedestrians not in crosswalks
- coffee
- couples holding hands and being cute
- a McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese
- a good sale (I scored some boots for 6 euro!)
- a smile
- this song will make any female aged 15 - 35 dance ridiculously

I appreciate the differences at times too. Like today I passed the cheese market, where I got some delicious, Tallegio cheese, and the most adorable, well-mannered puppy was sitting outside the cheese store patiently waiting for his owner. Not tied up to anything, he was just chilling watching his momma buy some cheese. It kind of made my day.


  1. What a cute doggie! That is so adorable!
    xo Heather

  2. I was thinking today that I didn't take a picture yesterday.It's the first day that I have missed. Even though it's cheating I was going to use the picture you sent me of the dog. My reason was because in an otherwise crappy day, you sending me that picture made MY day. I love you, and thanks for making my day better yesterday even though you are miles away, Momma Hen

  3. That sounds so crazy and awesome. I've never been outside of America and I would really love to. I love the picture of the puppy! And your header is super adorable.

  4. What a cute and adorable puppy. Hope it wasn't lost.

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  5. To answer your question, I either have my boyfriend take them (he's a pretty great photographer and has the fancy camera) or if I don't have him or my tripod around, I balance the camera on random objects. Tables, trees, cars, whatever and I have a little remote control that I use to operate it so I don't have to keep running back and fourth. Tripods are a pretty cheap investment though! Good luck with it!