Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Pancake Bakery

Today me and my friend Sandra had our first Dutch pancakes! We went to The Pancake Bakery, which I'd heard mixed reviews for. Some said it was just popular for tourists, while others said they were the most amazing pancakes they'd ever eaten. The place was cute and pub like. It had cute, old photos of Amsterdam hanging on the walls. Although I have no other Dutch pancakes to compare them to, they were pretty delicious, or lekker as the Dutch would say. We decided to share a bacon and cheese pancake and a nutella and banana pancake. The nutella one was of course my favorite. The pancakes were about the size of a medium pizza. I will be full for at least 24 hours now. Though I'm sure I'll manage to eat all of the waffles, frites, chocolate, and beer my heart desires this weekend in Brussels. 

This last photo was from the pub we went to after. We watched the Amsterdam Ajax game while enjoying some Heineken. I'm sorry for the awful Iphone quality, but I thought this collection of pictures was adorable. I especially love how none of them are level.

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