Sunday, May 27, 2012

Queen's Day

I'm really awful at blogging in a timely fashion. I'm going to try to catch up tonight, so when you see like five new posts, that's why.

My friend Allison came to visit me for Queen's Day, which is basically a giant celebration where people wear orange (Holland's country color) and get really drunk in the streets and ride on boats. It's actually to celebrate the Birthday of Holland's previous Queen, but that's how people "celebrate." Prior to all of the Queen's Day shenanigans, we explored Amsterdam and I showed her my favorite spots. I finally took my picture with the I Amsterdam sign, which I actually wrote a paper about regarding Amsterdam's city marketing. Yes, we actually have to study in Amsterdam sometimes. We went to a cute little town called Zaans Schaans, which has the most windmills I've ever seen. We also visited the most gorgeous library I've ever been to. 

On Queen's Day we walked around and attempted to drink gross, warm Heineken. We ditched the Heineken halfway through the day and made some Dutch man very happy. The day after Queen's Day we saw a Train concert. I haven't really listened to them much, but it's Allison's favorite band so we went! It was a good time and the venue was an old church!

The picture is blurry, but Allison's pants are bright orange. And they matched the floor...

So crowded.

Probably my favorite bar in Amsterdam.

Before Train.

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