Sunday, May 27, 2012


After our trip to Dublin, me and Ellea headed to Stockholm. Nice was a foreign exchange student from Thailand at my high school like five years ago and we had managed to keep in touch on Facebook. She happened to be studying in Stockholm this semester, so we decided to meet up! It's funny how life works out sometimes and people you thought you'd never see again show up in your life at the most random times.

We went on another free walking tour and learned that H&M was founded in Sweden. We celebrated by buying stuff, of course. Stockholm is also home to the largest Ikea in the whole world. The closest Ikea to me at home is about nine hours by car, so this was a huge deal to me. We ate as many Swedish meatballs as possible and admired the beautiful rooms. Ellea accidentally took out 5,000 Swedish kronos because the exchange rate there is a bit confusing, which is about $600 (we were only there two days). We saw a fake office that could be bought in it's entirety for about how much money Ellea had. We giggled a lot. We also visited one of the Archipelago islands surrounding the city. It was absolutely beautiful.

A couple years ago, I saw this cookie cookbook online. The books were given out for free, but only in Sweden stores. I had asked a friend in Sweden to grab me a copy, but no such luck. I had completely forgot about it until I saw a random, lonely copy on a shelf in one of the kitchens. I grabbed it and swooned at how pretty it is. The nice Ikea man let me have it for free, the only problem is, it's all in  Swedish...

Playing house.

Pretty friends.

Summer feet and a new chevron towel (from H&M of course).

Swedish clogs, maybe my favorite souvenir I've ever purchased.

I am living the dream I think.


  1. You're definitely living the dream! I've been to Europe once and I've itching to go back ever since! I'm truly enjoying every bit of this post! <3

  2. Beautiful! I love your feather-tattoo

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  3. I love your foot tattoo! And I love your blog! It keeps me envious. How long are you abroad?

  4. Oh my goodness, sounds like you are having so much fun. Seems like all the best things come from Sweden: Ikea, free cookie cook books... :) I've got to visit there some day!