Friday, March 9, 2012

In Bruges

Yes, I titled this post after a really bad Colin Farrell movie, so what? I need to get better at blogging in a timely manner, but anyway, I went to Bruges! We took a train from Brussels for a little day adventure. I'd heard good things about Bruges and was definitely not disappointed. The city has canals like Amsterdam, but feels so much older. The architecture is very medieval and the city doesn't seem very big. We took a tour of a brewery called De Halve Maan, which was awesome. But my favorite part of the whole day was going to the roof of the brewery where we could see all of Bruges. It was at least in the top five most gorgeous things I've ever seen.

I really adore Vespas. 

Pretty stained glass.

Cartwheels in the square.

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  1. Well, you're only one trip behind now! Thanks for sharing. I'm always so excited for a new blog post.