Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amsterdam Shenanigans

I know I keep posting about my time in other cities, but I'm not recording my thoughts on Amsterdam. It seems if I'm always in a rush to leave here, haha but that's just because I'm closer to all of these exotic, European cities than I normally am. I love many things about this city. Everyone is very sweet and generous when giving directions. The canals are beautiful. I can ride my bike almost anywhere in twenty minutes. I can admire the gorgeous canals while riding my bike. I constantly meet people from all over the world. And did I mention how breathtaking the canals are? I've had to study for exams this week, which are pretty much the equivalent to finals in America. The other night I sat on our balcony and drank some wine while my Italian flatmates played the acoustic guitar. I'm living the dream.

I finally went to Burgermeester. Cows look at you with sad eyes while you eat your burger...

Crappy quality photo, but this is out of my window at night time. So beautiful.

Best ice cream in Amsterdam.

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  1. I love you and all of your pictures. I miss you like crazy!